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 Price-Rees Award  

Price-Rees Award

The Price-Rees Award is a plaque given to the awardee.

From its inception in 1953, until 1966, the Award was titled the "Longevity Award."  In 1966, it was renamed the "Price-Rees Award" in honor of two long-standing members of the Association- Charles Price of Rapid City and Rhea Rees of Sioux Falls.

Price-Rees Award Qualifications:

  1. Any person who has been actively engaged in water and / or wastewater operations for TWENTY (20) years, ten of which shall be in the State of South Dakota.  It is understood the time spent in the armed forces shall count toward this award if such time be after the initial period of work in the water and / or wastewater field, and;
  2. Shall have been an active member of the South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association for three of the last five years during the year the Award is made, and;
  3. Shall be duly recommended by an Association member to the Price-Rees committee, and;
  4. Shall meet these qualifications as decided by the Price-Rees committee to be entitled to the recognition of the Award.

Plaque and Presentation

The Price-Rees award is a plaque on which the recipient's name, affiliation, and the year will be engraved.  Nominations for the award shall be submitted before July 15th.  The plaque becomes the permanent property of the Award Winner.  The award is presented at the Annual Conference banquet.

Obtain an Award Nominating Form in .pdf format here.

View the list of previous Price-Rees Award Recipients here.



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