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 Conference Presidents   

Conference Presidents

The South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association
(conference until 1972)





1935 Aberdeen


1936 Huron

E.R. Mathews

1937 Sioux Falls

Irving Bell

1938 Watertown

Rhea Rees*

1939 Rapid City

E.H. Schultz

1940 Mitchell

C.R. Price*

1941 Aberdeen

J.E. Holst

1942 Huron

Leland Bradney*

1943 Mitchell

H.M. Pierce*

1944 Watertown

C.A. Polley

1945 Mitchell

M.J. Hoy*

1946 Deadwood

John Emberg*

1947 Watertown

Ralph Reed

1948 Sioux Falls

Richard Curtis

1949 Rapid City

R.E Bragstad*

1950 Aberdeen

C.B. Madison

1951 Yankton

W.P. Wells

1952 Pierre

Wallace Johnson*

1953 Rapid City

A.T. Hanson

1954 Mitchell

Don Wessel*

1955 Mobridge

Siger Bies*

1956 Aberdeen

Charles Clark*

1957 Sioux Falls

Leonard Haddorff

1958 Deadwood

Roy Heiens

1959 Huron

Alfred Ross*

1960 Watertown

Byron Fees*

1961 Rapid City

Wm. Mailloux

1962 Yankton

Darrell French*

1963 Aberdeen

Clarence Murschel*

1964 Rapid City

Melvin Stimson

1965 Sioux Falls

E.E. Hirschman

1966 Huron

L.P. Steiling

1967 Rapid City

Dale Carlson*

1968 Watertown

Gunder Nelson*

1969 Sioux Falls

Harold Root*

1970 Custer State Park

Paul Goldhammer

1971 Mitchell

Francis J. Hauck*

1972 Aberdeen

Robert Ackerman

1973 Spearfish

LeRoy Backhaus*

1974 Brookings

John Hatch

1975 Sioux Falls

Charles Kuecker

1976 Rapid City

John Ewing

1977 Huron

Leland Harms

1978 Pierre

Roland Harrington

1979 Northern Black Hills

Dick Barker

1980 Aberdeen

Robert Brotsky

1981 Yankton

Roger Patocka

1982 Rapid City

Les Hash

1983 Sioux Falls

Francis A. Toscana

1984 Aberdeen

James C. “Casey” Andersen*

1985 Spearfish

Doug Herron

1986 Brookings

Harlan J. Quenzer

1987 Watertown

Morris Elcock

1988 Hot Springs

Terrence Keller

1989 Pierre

Cheryl Johnson

1990 Huron

Blaine Barker*

1991 Lead

Ertis Osterberg

1992 Sioux Falls

Ray Birchem*

1993 Brookings

Doug Herron

1994 Lead

Lorraine Weimer

1995 Aberdeen

Rollin Sieveke

1996 Watertown

Kim Verhey

1997 Rapid City

J.R. Yde*

1998 Chamberlain/Oacoma

Pete Hesla

1999 Sioux Falls

Lyle Schumack

2000 Rapid City

Jim Zeck

2001 Yankton

Cindy Swanson

2002 Huron

Randy Hilding ***

2003 Spearfish

Randy Hilding

2004 Aberdeen

Sue Hargens

2005 Brookings

Al Erickson

2006 Rapid City

Malcolm MacDonald

2007 Watertown Peggi Badten
2008 Pierre Jim Raysor
2009 Spearfish

Wayne Fletcher

2010 Sioux Falls

Gary Englund

2011 Huron

Robyn Dykstra

2012 Rapid City Dan Fink
2013 Aberdeen Dave VanCleave
2014 Watertown Gavin Graverson
2015 Spearfish Dan Graber
2016 Sioux Falls Steph Kapfenstein
2017 Huron Tim Monson
2018 Deadwood Jim Auen


The President of the SDWWA normally has been serving on the Board for 5 years by the time they ascend to the position of President in their 6th year, although this isn't always true.  A majority of the time, after a director has finished serving their 3 year term they are elected to the position of Vice President.  The normal progression is then to President Elect, President, then Past President.  Some Presidents in recent history served their term as director at one time, got off the Board, then at a later date were elected to Vice President. *** -interesting fact, in 2002 the elected President of the SDWWA, Dave VanCleave, of Rapid City, was called to active duty with the South Dakota National Guard to serve in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  President Elect Randy Hilding then served as President for 2 consecutive terms.

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