Aisenbrey Award
Brinker Award
Price-Rees Award
Siger Bies Award
James Dornbush Award
Davenport Award
Conference Presidents
Honorary Members
JR Yde Award





The South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association Awards are presented each fall at the annual banquet and awards ceremony during the annual conference.  A brief description of each is listed below.  Specific details, awards criteria, past award winners, and nominating forms are available on individual page links on the left side of this page.

William Aisenbrey

recognizes an operator whose efforts have resulted in  improvements to a water works.
William Brinker Award



recognizes a wastewater operator whose efforts have improved and sustained operation and maintenance of a wastewater facility in South Dakota resulting in a better plant effluent and/or receiving stream condition.
Price-Rees Award


recognizes members who have been engaged in water and/or wastewater operations for 20 years.
Siger Bies Award

recognizes members engaged in water and/or wastewater operations for at least 30 years.
Davenport Award


recognizes the member of an association committee who was most active during the past year. 

James Dornbush

recognizes non-certified members being in the water and wastewater field for thirty years.


JR Yde Award Any person who has been actively engaged in water and / or wastewater operations for forty years, ten of which shall be in the State of South Dakota.



Outgoing Conference Presidents are recognized for their service to the Association during the past year.

Honorary Membership is a status that is conferred upon individuals who have rendered loyal and dedicated service to the Association.



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