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 Source to Stream 

To assist the Association in meeting its objectives, it was decided to issue a publication in the interest of water and wastewater facility operators and their problems.  The first issue of "Clarifier" was published in January, 1936, and served the Association members continuously until 2006.  In early 2006 the SDWWA board of directors decided to re-launch the publication in a new format under the name of "Source to Stream".  The new publication is a joint effort of the SDWWA, SDAWWA, and the SDWEA.  The Editor for "Source to Stream"  is  Erin Steever.  You can follow the email links on their name or phone 605.977.7740 to contact them.

Source to Stream Issues available for download/viewing
are listed below with the most recent issue listed first


December 2012 Source to Stream

August 2012 Source to Stream

March 2012 Source to Stream

December 2011 Source to Stream

Blast from the Past Answers

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Before the publication was renamed it was known as the "Clarifier".
 Some of the previous issues of the Clarifier which are available for download/viewing are listed below with the most recent issue listed first. 

Clarifier 1930's

Clarifier 1940's

Clarifier 1950's

Clarifier 1960's

Clarifier- Spring 1992

Clarifier- Spring 1993

Clarifier- Spring 1995

Clarifier- Spring 1996

Clarifier- Winter 1996

Clarifier- Spring 1997

Clarifier- Summer 1997

Clarifier- Fall 1997

Clarifier- Winter 1997

Clarifier- Spring 1998

Clarifier- Summer 1998

Clarifier- Fall 1998

Clarifier- Winter 1998

Clarifier- Spring 1999

Clarifier- Fall 1999





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