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 William Brinker Award   

William (Bill) Brinker Award

From 1952  to 1979 this award was known as the Izaak Walton League Award.  In 1979 the award was re-designated as the Vere R. Ewing Award.  In 2013 the name was changed to the William Brinker Award to honor a long time member of the Association who passed away in 2012.  Although the name changed, the basis of the Award remained the same. 

The William Brinker Award is a plaque on which the recipients name, sponsor, and year are engraved.  This SDWWA Award is in honor and memory of William Brinker.  Bill received his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Wastewater Treatment at SDSU.  Bill began his career with the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sioux Falls, and at the time of his death was a Senior Vice President at HDR Engineering in Sioux Falls.  Bill was a past recipient of the SDWWA Price-Rees Award and the SDWWA Siger Bies Award.

The plaque becomes the permanent property of the award winner.

The South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association annually recognizes a wastewater operator whose efforts have improved and sustained operation and maintenance of a wastewater facility in South Dakota resulting in a better plant effluent and/or receiving stream condition. The operator is judged with respect to operation and utilization of the facility she/he operates and maintains. The benchmark for this award shall be exemplary performance beyond the expected level of competence for that facility, whether it is a stabilization pond or tertiary treatment plant.  The rules governing the Brinker Award are as follows:

  1. Eligibility

    All South Dakota residents who are engaged in wastewater treatment operation and are a current member of the South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association.

  2. Plaque/Presentation

The Ewing Award is a plaque on which the recipient's name, the sponsor, and the year will be engraved.  The plaque becomes the permanent property of the Award Winner.  The award is presented at the Annual Conference banquet.

  1. Nominations 

    This is an operator award-NOT a facility award. At least three operators shall be selected for consideration. Nominations of an operator may be made by anyone. Nominations must be received by SDWWA by July 15 of each year. To nominate an operator, please submit the following: Nominee Name, Address, Wastewater System, Nominatorís Name, and a complete description of efforts that have improved and sustained operation and maintenance of a wastewater facility in South Dakota resulting in a better plant effluent and/or receiving stream condition.

Obtain an Award Nominating Form in .pdf format here.

 Brinker Award ( 2013-present)-Ewing Award (1979-2013)- Izaak Walton Award (1952-1978)

Year Name Employed by
  Izaak Walton League Award  
1952 Leo Hericks Hoven
1953 Clarence Shaul Hot Springs
1954 G.J. "Dave" Gunderson Madison
1955 Wm. Mailloux Sturgis
1956 Charles R. Price Rapid City
1957 Ray Gartner Burke
1958 H.B. Dickerson Sisseton
1959 Frank Thomas Custer
1960 William F. Reuter Hartford
1961 Joe Nigg, Sr. Ipswich
1962 N.A. Erickson Sanator
1963 Dale Carlson Madison
1964 Marvin Benthin Watertown
1965 E.L. "Sky" Shanks Lake Preston
1966 William Vissers Milbank
1967 Siger Bies Aberdeen
1968 Ralph Miller Buffalo
1969 Francis J. Hauck Sioux Falls
1970 Delbert Peters Hartford
1971 Ed Pischke Hot Springs
1972 Clayton Skillingstad Mobridge
1973 LeRoy Backhaus Vermillion
1974 Richard Barker Garretson
1975 James Harris Yankton
1976 Jerry Kalkus Wagner
1977 Delbert Peters Hartford
1978 Employees of Water Rec. Plant Sioux Falls
  Redesignated as Ewing Award  
1979 Duane A. McClure Hot Springs
1980 Ralph Miller Buffalo
1981 Mark Ramsdell Aberdeen
1982 John Healy & Staff Rapid City
1983 Harry St. Peter Alcester
1984 Cheryl Johnson & Staff Spearfish
1985 Dr. Terry Mudder & Staff Homestake Mine
1986 Larry McManus Chamberlain
1987 Curt Holm Sinai
1988 No Award
1989 John Hatch Custer State Hosp.
1990 Dominic Jones Canton
1991 William Seney Hot Springs
1992 Don Simpson Miller
1993 John Jonas Yankton
1994 No Award
1995 Mike Peterson Lake Madison
1996 Ron Back Rapid City
1997 Dave Van Cleave Rapid City
1998 Richard Poppen Milbank
1999 Paul Brunick Vermillion
2001 Wayne Fletcher Brandon
2002 Don Boll Humboldt
2003 Peggi Badten Aberdeen
2004 Dan Andre Beresford
2005 Vern Johnson Alcester
2006 Cory Percy Lead/Deadwood San. Dist.
2007 Charles Bertrand Centerville
2008 Craig Wagner Hartford
2009 Gary Englund Brookings
2010 Brett Tschetter Mid-Dakota RWS
2011 Tim Renken  
  Redesignated as Brinker Award  
2013 Pete Hesla Aberdeen
2014 Mike Boerger Watertown
2016 Robert Baker City of Sioux Falls Water Rec.
2017 Stephanie Akers Kapfenstein SD Ellworth Development Auth.



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