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 William Aisenbrey Award  

William Aisenbrey Award

The William Aisenbrey Award is a plaque on which the recipient's name, the sponsor, and the year are engraved.  The plaque becomes the permanent property of the award winner.  Originally the William Aisenbrey Award was known as the Flox Award and the winner was awarded $50.00 cash.
This award was also known as the Nalco Award from 1962-2015.

The South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association annually recognizes an operator whose efforts have resulted in improvements to a water works.

  1. Eligibility

    All South Dakota residents who are actually engaged in the water works field and a current member of the South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association.

  2. Basis for Award

    The primary basis for this operator award (not facility award) is the best effort, which results in improvement of a water works.  The best effort could concern one or more of the following aspects:

        a.    Source(s): pumps, controls, accessories
        b.    Transmission lines
        c.    Storage
        d.    Treatment
        e.    Distribution: including high lift pumping, control system, meters
        f.     Administration: including records, card files, maps

  3. Nominations 

    Nominations of an operator may be made by anyone.  An operator is also welcome to nominate themselves.

  4. Award Plaque Presentation 

    The Nalco Award is a plague on which the recipients name, the sponsor, and the year will be engraved.  Nominations must be made before July 15th.  The plaque becomes the permanent property of the Award Winner.  The award is presented at the Annual Conference banquet.

    Obtain an Award Nominating Form in .pdf format here.

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William Aisenbrey Award
Previously, Nalco Award
(1962-2015)- Flox Award (1949-1961)

Year Name Employed By
1949 Lewis Welfl Belvidere
1950 R.L. Wiedman Winner
1951 Sam Van Hise Pierre
1952 W.P. Wells Aberdeen
1953 Don Wessel Mobridge
1954 Roy Schwartz Kennebec
1955 Lyle Meadows Watertown
1956 A.J. Campbell Chamberlain
1957 Roy Heiens Philip
1958 N/A
1959 Ervin Wollman Freeman
1959 James Cox Sioux Falls
1960 Fred Koop Stickney
1961 Emil Pfitzer Mobridge
1962 Leo Sinkey Whitewood
1963 Alfred Ross Huron
1964 James A. Cox Sioux Falls
1965 W.P. Wells Aberdeen
1966 Willard Parlet Winner
1967 Clarence Murschel Mitchell
1968 Harold Root Huron
1968 Don Wessel Huron
1969 Lester J. Hash Sioux Falls
1970 Webster Test Facility Webster
1971 James Dunne Beresford
1972 Robert Eslick Elk Point
1973 N/A
1974 Bernard Sanders Yankton
1975 Douglas Moberly Sioux Falls
1976 Harold Root Huron
1976 Leland Harms Rapid City
1977 Douglas T. Holden Sioux Falls
1978 Charles Anderson Mitchell
1979 Franklin Bult Wessington Springs
1980 Harold Root Huron
1981 N/A
1982 Tom Lesselyoung Redfield
1983 Willis H. Mohr Milbank
1984 Morris Elcock Viborg
1985 N/A
1986 Rueben Vollmer, Jr. Midland
1987 Lowell Corbin Kingbrook RWS
1988 Michael Kyte Spearfish
1989 Jerry Hemeyer Gregory
1990 Todd Campbell Lemmon
1991 Clint Jost Wessington Springs
1992 Ed Royalty Rapid Valley
1993 Mike Lunde Brookings
1994 John Evans Custer
1995 Larry Tietjen Milbank
1996 Connie Silva Madison
1997 Ray Erickson Murdo
1998 Steve Norgaard Kingbrook RWS
1999 William Carr Lead-Deadwood SD
2000 Harvey Aberle Mid Dakota RWS
2001 Ron Ramsey Mid Dakota RWS
2002 Bill Sarringar Mid Dakota RWS
2003 Tom Hollingsworth Clay RWS
2004 Wayne Fletcher Brandon
2005 Dan Andre Beresford
2006 Vern Johnson Alcester
2007 Kevin Kuiper Platte
2008 Francis Ferguson Mni Wiconi
2009 Travis Friman Parker
2010 Jeff Fossum Canton
2011 Joe Barrett Lead/Deadwood SD
2012 Dan Fink Harrisburg
2013 Jim Auen Lewis & Clark RWS
2014 Richard Nighbert Madison
2015 Edwin Royalty Rapid Valley San. Dist.



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