Lake Chapter- ABATE of South Dakota




  • Those persons interested in motorcycle legislation and education
  • All persons regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or age
  • Persons who own various brands, makes, styles, and sizes of motorcycles and those who don't own a motorcycle at all
  • Motorcyclists, regardless of fraternal or club affiliation

ABATE is not:

  • A Biker Gang
  • A Fraternal Organization
  • A Motorcycle Club
  • A Government Branch
  • A Harley Davidson Owners Group

ABATE serves to:

  • Act as a watchdog to warn members against adverse motorcycle legislation and to promote favorable legislation for motorcyclists at local, state, and federal levels
  • Promote political involvement of motorcyclists
  • Act as a liaison between motorcyclist and government authorities
  • Discourage motorcycle theft
  • Present and promote a better public image of motorcyclists
  • Help prevent accidents through rider and motorist awareness and education
  • Helping improve road conditions, thus making roads safer for motorcyclists

ABATE believes that it is better to educate than legislate, and has initiated and supported many projects to further that goal. 

ABATE of SD and IMPAC also sponsor Legislative Days at the state capitol in Pierre during the legislative session.  During this time, bikers from all over South Dakota converge on the state capitol to visit with legislators, make them aware of our stand on issues that affect motorcyclists, and help educate them on related topics.  Seeing 70-80 bikers in the halls of the state capitol also lets them know that we are politically motivated, and that while we ride motorcycles we also vote.

ABATE of SD, its chapters, and a lot of individual members also support and are members of the MRF (Motorcycle Riders Foundation).  MRF has the only motorcycle rights lobbyist in Washington, DC.