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Our dog little Peanut was the cutest, sweetest dog on earth.  We got her at the Sioux Falls Humane Society.  We had a DNA test done (yeah, I know, for a dog); she was a mix of Sheltie, Yellow Lab, Samoyed, and 50% unknown.  She was born around April, 2004, and she passed away at home on Saturday. April 4, 2015, the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, at eleven years old.  She had cancer and stayed with us for a long time but she finally got tired.  It's a tragic thing that the most devoted companion we can have on earth, dogs, have such a sadly short life.  We will always miss our beautiful little sweetheart, Peanut.   She really was the most beautiful, sweetest dog we've ever known.


Sioux Falls Humane Society

Peanut having a chai latte at Falls Park:

Peanut in charge at the office:

In 2007 we acquired a cat, or rather the cat acquired us as cats often do.  That summer a little black kitten would appear on the deck once in a while.  By the time we got back from vacation in late October, Deck Kitty (DK) had grown into a full size cat and now lives on the deck and around the property in the summer, and mostly in the house during the winter.  We're not sure what he does when he goes out, lurking around the neighborhood to burn and pillage.  We have seen him stare down a full grown deer.  He's a scrappy dude.  Here's DK in front of his heated deck condominium with a fleece-lined master bedroom and an electric heated water bowl when he first appeared at the old house, but now he's much more civilized. 

Luckily DK got along with Peanut very well and they're now immortalized on YouTube, goofing around in the backyard with a stick at our last house:

And then each fall our backyard becomes a major gathering place for deer for miles around.  I think they all agree to hold deer conventions here.  They especially like the bird feeders.  They whack the bird feeders with their heads until the seeds fall out, and then clean up underneath.  This was taken through the living room window.


And now we have a new crazy dog, Pearl.  The shelter card says she's a Lab/Aussie Heeler mix, but they never know anything.  (Peanut's shelter card said she shouldn't be around little children because she bites, which was utter nonsense; the only thing she ever bit in her life were the shoelaces off our shoes as a puppy.)  Anyway, if Peanut was a fluffy ballerina, Pearl is a gymnastics champion.  She's just a little bigger than Peanut, 26 lbs, still a little dog, but she's world class athlete.  She's black with four white paws, a white tip on her tail, and a big white tuxedo on her chest (the tuxedo actually goes all the way around her neck, hence her name).  We sometimes call her "Air Pearl" because she jumps completely in the air with all four paws off the ground. 

Luckily she and Deck Kitty became good friends almost immediately, and now they're posted on YouTube too, doing the same kind of goofy stuff:

And then there are other residents of the yard, squirrels, birds, the giant (and smaller) koi that fill the pond and waterfall in the backyard, a huge owl that watches everything in the yard and hooohoo's! at night, but for now we'll just add Deck Possum.  The prior winter he got the last couple inches of his tail frozen off so it's a little blunt, but he's still a cute guy.  Loves Fruit Loops on a paper plate under the deck.