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Karl & Heidi Thoennes' Homepage

Welcome to our web site!

 This started as a practice exercise for laying out websites with Microsoft FrontPage, but now it's turned into a hobby. 


Karl & Heidi Thoennes

2900 S. Bellepine Circle

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103

kthoennes@[remove this]thoennes.us

We're incredibly blessed to have found this really nice house in the Old Orchard neighborhood in the southeast part of Sioux Falls.

Looking for Genealogy Info?

By some of the e-mails we get through this website it seems like a lot of people surf to family-name sites like this one for family-tree or genealogical information.  If that's what you're looking for, you might try www.Thoennes.org, formerly run by David Thoennes in New Jersey.  (Sadly, David Thoennes died a few years ago but his genealogy work remains alive on the 'net thanks to one of his family members.)  I also have the document at the link below.  My grandmother gave me this package in the 1980's, some years after my grandfather died.  It's handwritten in old German so I've never been able to make much sense of it.  The first few pages seem to be photocopies from a family Bible.  The last few pages seem to be a handwritten list of ancestors, but I'm not sure if they're Thoennes family members or not.  The very last page is my Grandfather Thoennes' Social Security application from 1937.  Maybe someone who can read old German or spends a lot of time researching family histories will find this useful.  The link goes to a pdf file of about a dozen pages, scanned at 600 dpi, about 2MB.  The original pages are pretty poor quality photocopies; the scan actually enhanced the clarity. 

Thoennes Family Genealogy Pages


As of late-2017, David Thoennes' family site www.Thoennes.org is still online.  David's website was really the only Thoennes genealogy website we ever found.  There is also www.Thoennes.com, owned by a tech company in Germany.  www.Thoennes.net is registered to a Markus Thoennes in Germany, and www.Thoennes.info was held by Sedo, a domain name reseller in Massachusetts, but now seems to be available for purchase (but then who ever uses the *.info domain suffix?).  Finally, www.Thoennes.biz is empty but parked at Joomla right now, a website publication service. 

This page was last updated on 11/01/17.