4/13/08 Display Eater open source

And here it is.

I am releasing the source under public domain. The released source above is different than the retail version. The on the fly compression 'quicklz' has been removed. This is because I do not want to release the source GPL'ed, and my commercial license cannot be applied to you.

As such, the classes decramThread and cramThread have the corresponding code commented out.

If you use a large portion of the code unmodified, please credit me.

Disclaimer: By using the code you agree that I am not held responsible for anything that may come of it.


The heart of the program has two entry points:

-renderWithRecord:... In recordRenderer
-captureWithRandomWrite:... In captureController

You should be able to capture and create a movie by just calling these two methods. The gui is layered above this.


I am not currently developing Display Eater. It hit a performance plateau. The compression step time/space ratio(see cramThread) needs to be improved. I think another LOSSLESS algorithm should be used instead of lzw. My gut feeling says the direction is to lossless wavelet compression.

There may be another retail release in the future, but for now I am working on other things.

Any questions just ask!


Reza Hussain

To Kelsey: Sorry for not getting back to you, my RAID crashed and I lost your email address.