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BBXML - An XML Interface for BetaBrite Signs

BBXML is an XML interface for controlling the scrolling LED signs made by Adaptive Micro Systems, including the BetaBrite and Alpha models.



Please read the User's Guide for a complete description of the interface and detailed instructions on how to use it.


Here are some applications and examples that use bbxml. These packages can be browsed online or downloaded separately.

Java Example

browse | download
Sample code for using BBXML in Java.

C# .NET 2.0 Example

browse | download
Sample code for using C# and the .NET 2.0 class library.

Displaying Large Graphics

browse | download
Convert any graphics file to display on a 1-line Betabrite sign.

News Headlines

browse | download
Display news headlines downloaded as RSS newsfeeds.

Stock Ticker

browse | download
Display stock quotes from the web.

Time and Temperature

browse | download
Get current temperature and other weather conditions from the web.

Darin Franklin