When you've tried off the rack guitars and can't find that special one, look no further. Dresch Guitars is the answer.

We specialize in building guitars for players. One at atime...by hand. Each one is built from the ground up by luthier Michael Dresch.

Michael Dresch is an accomplished player of over 24 years experience. He knows what a great guitar is supposed to play, sound and look like. He has worked on guitars of all makes and models for the better part of the last decade and a half. From humble beginnings modifying his own guitars to later, working in one of his hometown's most respected and sought after repair shops, his experience has shown him what works in guitar design and what doesn't.

Dresch Guitars practically play themselves. Lightning fast feel and butter smooth action. Classic (and sometimes, not so classic) tonewoods provide a stellar foundation upon which the player can find the tone in his or her head. New models are in development to further satisfy the need of the discerning player. If one of our standard models isn't your dream guitar, don't fret. We can build something custom to fit your specific needs. Always feel free to contact us with questions.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.  Contact us with questions:
dreschguitars@sio.midco.net  or call us:  605-728-2145

Have a great day!

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