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Booking Recording Studio Time: cathousemike@gmail.com or (605) 728-2145

. Cancellation of studio time forfeits deposit. All deposit mo


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you record bands live in the studio?

Yes, we do record bands/musicians live if they so desire.

What is the recording process like?

That is a fairly broad question and one that gets asked all the time.  The process of recording varies based on the needs or requirements of the project.  Some musicians want to track live.  This means, that all members play at the same time.  This will yield a faster recording to be sure.  It will also give an entirely different vibe to the finished recording, probably a bit looser feel and sound, maybe not quite as clear, but still a quality product.  Most other musicians will record track by track.  What this means is each instrument is recorded separately.  This yields a much cleaner, more professional sounding recording.  This also enables the client to focus on precision performances.  The downside is that it will be more expensive to record this way and more time consuming.  Only you, the client, can decide which is best for you.  Contact us with more questions.

What equipment do we need to bring?

Bring anything you would normally use when playing your instruments.  If you need something special, chances are we can help you out, but don't just assume we will have an instrument for you to play.  Make plans in advance and call us before you arrive if you need something.

How much will it cost to record my songs?

On average, it usually costs around $125 to $150 per song if you are well prepared / rehearsed and don't get experimental (if you are recording live, this cost could go down significantly).  Costs go up the more you start to experiment with arrangements, extra vocal/guitar/etc. parts.  Do your homework before you get to the studio and you'll come out with a product you'll be proud of and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

What should the band do to prepare for recording?

1) Practice
2) Learn to play to a click track/metronome, and if possible, know what BPM (beats per minute) your songs are.
3) Get your instruments properly setup/intonated and buy fresh strings and drum heads for your guitars/bass/drums.
4) Work out all your parts (lead guitars/background vocals/lyrics) before you get to the studio so you can concentrate more on the performance.

How do I book time?

Check out our Online Calendar to find an available date that works for you.  Then contact us and let us know which dates you want to book.  We will let you know if those dates are available and the amount of deposit needed to reserve them.

Booking Policy:
Studio time is not booked until a deposit of 50% of the total studio time is received.

Cancellation Policy:
14 or more days notice: 100% refund
13-8 days: 50% refund
7 or fewer days: forfeiture of deposit

No exceptions.


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